Terminally Ill ‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator Vows to Give Away Fortune


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The human spirit is indomitable

An inspirational quote about why people run. It’s sometimes the only time in my day for clear thoughts.

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Pay it forward copycats

It’s like a wonderful disease – Good Samaritans invading Tim Horton’s!

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Waitress Gives Mom Free Pizza For Breastfeeding

I saw this article and thought it was worth sharing. It’s amazing how many people try to spread ‘happy news’ amidst generally depressing news stories. This post alone has over 27,000 Facebook likes so far. originalSpread some happy news once in a while!

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Terracycle Beauty Product Challenge

Garnier-Main Poster-V3-CA high resThanks to everyone who has supported my Personal Care and Beauty Brigade through Terracycle. So far, with a little help from my friends, I have diverted 114 packages from waste! Keep up the great work. 🙂

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“it’s not my job…

“it’s not my job,” said no one who is considered a true A-player. Sweep the floor if you have to and get things done. – Vala Afshar

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You know it’s a bad one, when it has its own hashtag. The Calgary / High River flooding has been devastating not only to home owners, but to non-profit organizations. The stories of citizens helping others to recover from the devastation have been heartwarming. Sometimes all it takes is a reason to push one’s shyness aside and dig in. I saw this tweet about a school searching for supplies for their classroom, and the photos are so sad. I was lucky enough to win an Amazon gift certificate as part of #theclientlist party, so I was go glad to be able to send it to Holy Spirit Academy.  Check out the donation that was left on someone’s front porch! Susanne-DeliveryIf you have any unused gift cards that you think would be of help, visit the blog post for more info.

My family and friends raised over $2,000 last weekend for the Carkinator. It was great to see a rural community come together to raise over $47,000 for the hospital and my son got the autographs of NHL stars Chris Neil and Matt Carkner, so that was a highlight!

Another thanks to my family and friends have saving all of their beauty product containers and Tassimo discs. I dropped off three huge boxes to UPS today to ship to Terracycle to be recycled.

The adventure continues!


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Swallowing my pride

In in the interest of my Carkinator fundraising goal, I swallowed not only my pride, but my fear of looking a bit ‘soft’ in front of my colleagues, and passed along this url as part of my plea for donations. A few of them have already sponsored me, which is great! I hope we will reach our goal of $500 to not only help the hospital, but also to give my son the opportunity to get a few autographs of the Ottawa Senators.

I know that bloggers who blab on about themselves seem not only narcissistic, but also just plain boring, so I have decided to try and divide up the focus of my blogs to not only include our family progress updates, but also some profiles of regular folks who do super things.

article-2093810-11861B88000005DC-502_233x333I heard an interview with Bronnie Ware on CBC Radio (my best friend during maternity leave) and I have been wanting to read her book ever since. “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” is based on her experience in palliative care. Here is a short interview with her that can’t help but make you stop and take a moment to reassess some priorities.

Summer is upon us, so take some time to soak up some natural vitamin D and appreciate your health! I have two colleagues who are very ill right now, so I am thinking of them as I exercise outside, and thank my lucky stars that I am able to run in the fresh air.

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Yes, but!

An arts admin colleague, who I have met through social media, has been having a bit of a hard time making it as a consultant in a very small and competitive field. Her blog posts are insightful and I hope she can stick with her goals, as she is great at what she does. Check out her latest blog post that is great not only professionally, but for one’s personal life as well!

In the spirit of saying “Yes, and” I have signed up for the Army Run 1/2 marathon in September. I have run a number of half marathons before, but this will be my longest race since my second baby, and will be a great motivator throughout the summer and is for a great cause. I still have to work on my fundraising goal for the Carkinator, since we only have one month to go! Eek.

3f770-yes_butThe family is chugging along on our food bank and toy drive donations, and I hope that we can keep the momentum going for the rest of the year. My next challenge is to decide how to make challenge no. 2 of the lucky 13 – to offer 13 children and 13 grown-ups the chance to see a live performance.

My typical high volume of reading has taken a back seat since my husband has been away, so I hope to get in a few books this month to get back on track.

Happy June to all!

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What do I really have to give?

I was born and raised in a small town, and the hospital in that town is the heart of the community. It has served many people in the rural area and has been a haven for new mothers (my mom), people of all ages battling cancer (too many of our family friends), teenagers getting one’s tonsils out (me) and small babies suffering from an ear infection (my baby daughter).

My super amazing friend is the Executive Director of the Hospital Foundation. He travels over two hours every day to work in this community to raise money to keep the services intact that are so important, especially to people who live in the country. Today is his birthday, and I have decided to honour his hard work and the pride that I feel in my hometown’s country hospital by having my 12th goal for 2013 to help our team (The Cow Tippers) raise $500 in the Carkinator car rally on July 6th.

cow tipper

My first thought was to offer something of myself to others in exchange for a donation. Many people I have known over the years have donated knit items, merchandise, professional services, homemade food and crafts, lawn care, etc. I was struck by the fact that I really don’t have any skills that I can share. Unless my friends or colleagues want a slow running buddy or a marketing plan for their own business, I don’t really have much that I can offer. A rather depressing thought!

However, I am a fairly competent problem solver, so I decided I would go through any special events coming up in the next six weeks and offer to make some food for friends in exchange for a donation. I can easily whip up salads or cupcakes for family parties or Father’s Day, so I am hopeful that in addition to those friends and family who will just pity me and give me cash to go away, that I will get some takers for some goodies before the beginning of July.

Perhaps my resolution for 2014 should be to perfect a skill that others are actually interested in purchasing… any ideas out there?

As for my other goals, I am thinking of attempting a half marathon in September since my running has been going very well lately, and I had a lovely volunteer from the Partners in Mission food bank come to my house last week to pick up my May donation. It has been difficult with my husband away to keep up with my reading, so I will have to cram some books in over the summer.

If you are inspired by any of my rants over the past several months, please donate to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital. My super amazing friend’s mom just was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer, so he could really use the gesture of support.

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