The lucky 13!

It has been one whole year, and despite my recent lack of blog updates, I have been hard at work on these goals. I didn’t accomplish all of them, but have learned so much and I am working on my 2014 list as we speak. Here is my final update on the lucky 13:

1) Once a month, donate $13 worth of food / money to a local food bank.
This has become a regular part of our shopping. As a careful grocery list planner and coupon clipper, we are able to donate right at the grocery list once a month.

2) Over the year give the opportunity to 13 kids and a grown-up to see a live performance. Total investment would be approximately $208, which only works out to about $17 per month.
This didn’t work out as planned as so many of our school shows were sold out and I didn’t have an opportunity to connect with the right organizations. Deferral to 2014!

3) Perform 13 anonymous random acts of kindness throughout the year.
This became a bit of a silly high for me, and I continue to implement these acts into my everyday life. Helping someone else anonymously is such a rush, and I posted a few examples on this blog earlier in the year.

4) Run, walk or cycle a minimum of 1300 km over the course of the year.
This just did not happen! I have kept up with my 20km or so a week runs and I walk almost every lunch hour at work, but I will need a more comprehensive training plan (and a new bike) if I hope to reach 1300km in 2014.

5) Bring members of my family to at least 13 live performances.
I went through my calendar yesterday and I did go to about 7 shows with family members this year including Randy Bachman, The Nutcracker, and other wonderful shows. This was just too challenging financially to reach 13 performances.

6) Collect 169 toys to donate to the holiday toy drive in December. This is 13 toys per month and a lot of coupon clipping and flyer trolling!
I am pleased to say that I surpassed this goal with the help of so many friends, family, Twitter buddies and other supporters. I even won a contest for $1000 towards this wish that I can put towards 2014. WishforitSpecial thanks to Hollie, Mom, Dad, Nanny, Aunt Connie, Rory, Craig, Lorraine, Laura, Mark, Ying, Steve, Julie, Rebecca, Sylvie and anyone else who supported me this year. It was a thrill!

7) Choose 13 books on my wish-to-read list and actually read them! Cancelling our satellite in August has given me more time to read, and joining a book club was a great incentive to read new selections too. With less screen time, I can read more. Check!

8) Lose 13 lbs. by the end of 2013.
Deferred to 2014! ‘Nuff said. 🙂

9) Donate 13 gently used household or clothing items to charity each month.
This was a breeze with two growing children who are keen to share their gently used items. We have donated boxes of clothes, toys and other items to our local thrift stores and to friends and our garbage has decreased considerably.

10) Try to participate in 13 new activities throughout the year. Could be food from a different culture, a dance class, making a new friend, reading a book from a new author, etc.
I don’t think that I was actually tried 13 new things, alas, but I did take my first university course in many years and received an A- in Creative Placemaking. It was wonderful to be back in learning mode and I am taking another course in early 2014. This is part of the reason for the decline in blog posts. Check out my infographic from my final assignment. Spice of Life infographic




















11) Donate 169 items to Terracycle so those items can be turned into cool recycled products!
I have another big shipment of Tassimo discs and beauty products to be packaged up next week, but so far I shipped 997 items to Terracycle this year! I am now collecting Sally’s cereal bags and diaper packaging and have incorporated this into my regular recycling routine.


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