You know it’s a bad one, when it has its own hashtag. The Calgary / High River flooding has been devastating not only to home owners, but to non-profit organizations. The stories of citizens helping others to recover from the devastation have been heartwarming. Sometimes all it takes is a reason to push one’s shyness aside and dig in. I saw this tweet about a school searching for supplies for their classroom, and the photos are so sad. I was lucky enough to win an Amazon gift certificate as part of #theclientlist party, so I was go glad to be able to send it to Holy Spirit Academy.  Check out the donation that was left on someone’s front porch! Susanne-DeliveryIf you have any unused gift cards that you think would be of help, visit the blog post for more info.

My family and friends raised over $2,000 last weekend for the Carkinator. It was great to see a rural community come together to raise over $47,000 for the hospital and my son got the autographs of NHL stars Chris Neil and Matt Carkner, so that was a highlight!

Another thanks to my family and friends have saving all of their beauty product containers and Tassimo discs. I dropped off three huge boxes to UPS today to ship to Terracycle to be recycled.

The adventure continues!


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