Swallowing my pride

In in the interest of my Carkinator fundraising goal, I swallowed not only my pride, but my fear of looking a bit ‘soft’ in front of my colleagues, and passed along this url as part of my plea for donations. A few of them have already sponsored me, which is great! I hope we will reach our goal of $500 to not only help the hospital, but also to give my son the opportunity to get a few autographs of the Ottawa Senators.

I know that bloggers who blab on about themselves seem not only narcissistic, but also just plain boring, so I have decided to try and divide up the focus of my blogs to not only include our family progress updates, but also some profiles of regular folks who do super things.

article-2093810-11861B88000005DC-502_233x333I heard an interview with Bronnie Ware on CBC Radio (my best friend during maternity leave) and I have been wanting to read her book ever since. “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” is based on her experience in palliative care. Here is a short interview with her that can’t help but make you stop and take a moment to reassess some priorities.

Summer is upon us, so take some time to soak up some natural vitamin D and appreciate your health! I have two colleagues who are very ill right now, so I am thinking of them as I exercise outside, and thank my lucky stars that I am able to run in the fresh air.

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