Yes, but!

An arts admin colleague, who I have met through social media, has been having a bit of a hard time making it as a consultant in a very small and competitive field. Her blog posts are insightful and I hope she can stick with her goals, as she is great at what she does. Check out her latest blog post that is great not only professionally, but for one’s personal life as well!

In the spirit of saying “Yes, and” I have signed up for the Army Run 1/2 marathon in September. I have run a number of half marathons before, but this will be my longest race since my second baby, and will be a great motivator throughout the summer and is for a great cause. I still have to work on my fundraising goal for the Carkinator, since we only have one month to go! Eek.

3f770-yes_butThe family is chugging along on our food bank and toy drive donations, and I hope that we can keep the momentum going for the rest of the year. My next challenge is to decide how to make challenge no. 2 of the lucky 13 – to offer 13 children and 13 grown-ups the chance to see a live performance.

My typical high volume of reading has taken a back seat since my husband has been away, so I hope to get in a few books this month to get back on track.

Happy June to all!

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