What do I really have to give?

I was born and raised in a small town, and the hospital in that town is the heart of the community. It has served many people in the rural area and has been a haven for new mothers (my mom), people of all ages battling cancer (too many of our family friends), teenagers getting one’s tonsils out (me) and small babies suffering from an ear infection (my baby daughter).

My super amazing friend is the Executive Director of the Hospital Foundation. He travels over two hours every day to work in this community to raise money to keep the services intact that are so important, especially to people who live in the country. Today is his birthday, and I have decided to honour his hard work and the pride that I feel in my hometown’s country hospital by having my 12th goal for 2013 to help our team (The Cow Tippers) raise $500 in the Carkinator car rally on July 6th.

cow tipper

My first thought was to offer something of myself to others in exchange for a donation. Many people I have known over the years have donated knit items, merchandise, professional services, homemade food and crafts, lawn care, etc. I was struck by the fact that I really don’t have any skills that I can share. Unless my friends or colleagues want a slow running buddy or a marketing plan for their own business, I don’t really have much that I can offer. A rather depressing thought!

However, I am a fairly competent problem solver, so I decided I would go through any special events coming up in the next six weeks and offer to make some food for friends in exchange for a donation. I can easily whip up salads or cupcakes for family parties or Father’s Day, so I am hopeful that in addition to those friends and family who will just pity me and give me cash to go away, that I will get some takers for some goodies before the beginning of July.

Perhaps my resolution for 2014 should be to perfect a skill that others are actually interested in purchasing… any ideas out there?

As for my other goals, I am thinking of attempting a half marathon in September since my running has been going very well lately, and I had a lovely volunteer from the Partners in Mission food bank come to my house last week to pick up my May donation. It has been difficult with my husband away to keep up with my reading, so I will have to cram some books in over the summer.

If you are inspired by any of my rants over the past several months, please donate to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital. My super amazing friend’s mom just was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer, so he could really use the gesture of support.

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One Response to What do I really have to give?

  1. Deirdre says:

    We’ll happily give you some loonies and toonies when you’re here next week. Happy birthday Julie’s “super amazing friend” Heard you’re moving across the water. Hope to see you in Ottawa soon! Good luck with the fundraising Julie!

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