My #ygk

Our lovely city embraced me and my family with open arms, and we have made friends with our neighbours, colleagues and many others. I have been inspired recently by some articles I have come across to help give back to your community in simple and fun ways. Now just to convince my husband to build me a Little Free Library! I have so many books that I pass along to friends, but end up just giving away to a local thrift store. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a wee lending library at the end of our driveway?

Since our huge backyard fence is right beside a big park, wouldn’t it be great to have an outdoor chalkboard? Check out this great article about a sidewalk bucket list on a giant chalkboard!

I will have to ask my six year old for help me brainstorm other ways to encourage a chat with our neighbours. Other ideas out there in the blogosphere? If so, let me know!

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