I’m feeling lucky

google I rarely use the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on Google, as I am not much of a risk-taker, even with search engines. I like to be a fairly careful planner, and I am certainly not known for my spontaneity. However, I have drawn the long straw on quite a few happenings in my life.

For example, I suggested to my son that he might like to contribute to our collective family goal to collect gifts to donate at his birthday party. I expected his reaction to be less than enthusiastic, but he was actually pretty keen on the idea. The proof was in the pudding yesterday when he was sweetly accepted the gifts and posed for this pic (full disclosure: major mom bias here).

Kingston-20130421-00109No matter what choices I make in my life, I seem to be doing something right as a mother. (Ask me in five years when he is hitting puberty if I still feel this way.) Alternatively, it has nothing to do with nature and I just lucked out with a great son.


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One Response to I’m feeling lucky

  1. Marnie Fossitt says:

    I am also a proud mom and nana. So wonderful to see you guys so happily gatheriing the toys for needy children. Love you. xxx

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