MWF seeking BFF

cropped-mwfseekingbffcoverAmongst my lofty literary goals and monthly book club selections, I still find a bit of time to squeeze in the occasion fluff book. I recently saw the title MWF seeking BFF and thought it would be an easy read. It was. Despite the 28 year old’s unhealthy love of beer pong and reality television, her year-long quest to make new friends in a new City through 52 friend dates was amusing and charming.  It was candidly awkward and took quite a bit of courage to ask out other women in a non-romantic way.

I am typically not very adept at making new friends. Over the years I have become much more comfortable to network and connect with colleagues and acquaintances, and now I can easily go into a room of strangers and strike up a conversation. I spend a significant amount of time on Twitter, connecting with other arts marketing professionals and a few select moms. However, I have very few people that I can call to spill the beans on the ‘big’ stuff. My husband is the same way, and I am wondering if many professional women my age are spending their evenings at home with wee kids tucked into bed and rarely having a chance to hang out with a woman for coffee or a glass of wine, let alone squeezing in a playdate amongst work, exercise and shuttling kids to activities.

Rachel Bertsche has inspired me to try and reach out to people in my community and to try and connect not only via email, work meetings or Twitter, but actually to see in other in person. I will report back on my progress of attempted friends dates over the coming months (oh, the anticipation).

I suggest you read the book and let me know what you think. Here is a brief Huffington Post interview with the author to whet your appetite.

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