Support in a bathroom stall

As a teenager, a bathroom stall in high school is sometimes the only place to let out a breath and try to push away the tremendous amount of pressure an adolescent deals with every day. Even now, I find sneaking into a stall at work to take a few moments in peace is a great way to avoid blowing a gasket. This note, found in a girls’ bathroom stall in an undisclosed location is the response to the graffiti on the walls. I can’t imagine that this would not move anyone reading this and give many hope. UECz9 For an easy to read transciption, click here.   If you, like me, have a hard time comforting others in times of sadness, perhaps posting an anonymous note in a location like your friendly, neighbourhood W.C. would help you and perhaps help another as well.

I have had two colleagues lose their fathers in the past few weeks and I am not sure how to comfort them. I have left cards, but I don’t know what to say. After reading this young woman’s note, I think a heartfelt note to each of them might help.

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