Owning it

I would be a terrible actor. I would be a terrible lawyer. I would be a terrible bank robber. If I screw up, the realization of the mistake is like a knife twisting into my gut and I have been known to literally run into my bosses office / daycare provider’s phone / husband outside to unleash my confessional as soon as the realization hits me. I am always one to own up to my mistakes… not because of pride or ethics; rather,  I can’t keep the truth silent for any length of time, or I would burst. I won’t bore with you the details, but lately I have had to deal with a few doozies. I can’t even use my ‘back to work and busy with two kids’ excuse, as these are pre-dating my return to work. However, as one of my resolutions this year is to damn well try to find that glass half full and that cloud’s silver lining, I always learn from my mistakes and do my best to not repeat them in the future. screw upI am guaranteed to continue to make them, but at least they (fingers crossed) will be different ones.  The trick is letting one’s children make his or her own mistakes so they can figure out these important life lessons on their own.

On a more positive note, thanks to donations from family and friends, I have my first donation of personal care and beauty product packages ready to send to Terracycle to be turned into wonderful, recycled materials. My son helped me to place all of our March food bank donations into the bin at the grocery store today, and I noticed that my husband looked on with a lot of pride.
Next post will be a review of the two books I read in March including the 100 year old man who jumped out the window and disappeared and The Blondes. Both recommendations from wonderful women in my life and both amazingly entertaining!

March certainly flew in like a lion, so I am hoping that he will gently ascend into spring like a lamb over the upcoming Easter long weekend. Happy holidays.

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2 Responses to Owning it

  1. My darling girl,
    I am sure whatever alleged mistakes you made were not nearly as horrible as you are feeling about them. Be as easy on yourself as you are with others. Keep up the fantastic work! I love you. mom xo

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