Simple gifts

There is a steady flow of birthdays in my family and we have a reason to celebrate at least one special day in January, February, March, April, and May. My family has really got into the spirit of our 13 goals, and my sister-in-law gave me 13 cans of tuna to donate to our local food bank! What a great gift.

In the spirit of celebration, tonight I counted the number of toys that I have in my tickle trunk. I gave away 3 a few weeks ago (as mentioned in my previous blog post) and I have 36 in my trunk so far! Add that to the $160 that my grandmother is going to give as a donation for toys, and I estimate that is approximately 50 toys so far towards my goal. that means that I am almost 30% of my goal and it’s only the middle of March. 50That is great news for me and my family. Going through all of those toys tonight helped me realize that if I just work at a goal a little bit every day, that things can happen!

My little girl turned one year old yesterday, and she received some lovely things from our family. Of course, her favourite ‘toy’ was the tissue paper from the gift bags, and it struck me what a wonderful year I have had with my kids and how simple gifts are what really make a party great! The shared birthday party involved a pot luck of food, friends and family and some fun storytelling. The sun shone and the snow was melting and it was the perfect day! Happy spring.

MC turns one


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