Moving on to Fab February…

January is often a tough month, with cold temperatures, a multitude of illness on the loose and not much to look forward to.

Having our “to the power of” goals really helped to keep me excited about some things this past month and I am please to say that I have made progress on quite a few things! My friend at work is going to help me install some fancy WordPress widgets to track my progress, but I was able to donate food to the food bank, perform several random acts of kindness, stock up on some toys for our donation, and collect 150 Tassimo discs for our first shipment to Terracycle!

Another thing that has been pretty fun for me is doing a bit of blog writing. I don’t have any experience writing (as is evident in these often stream-of-consciousness rants) but I was able to not only do a guess blog post for the National Arts Centre, but have started posting on my blog at work. Also, I heard news from Elle Canada magazine that one of my letters to the editor will be published in their March issue!


The one thing that has been a bit tough is a gift dilemma. My birthday is in February, and I have been coveting a gorgeous coloured motorcycle jacket from Danier Leather. It was regularly over $500 and is on sale for $169. Seems like a great deal, but then I thought of my pledge to try and collect 169 toys for our Christmas toy drive, and I am not sure how I am going to get there without help from friends and family! Instead of spending $13 x $13 (plus tax) on a new jacket, I could ask my husband to get toys to donate. I have realized that giving to others instead of getting things for yourself is not always easy as it seems… especially when that darn turquoise leather is so lovely and buttery!

Happy February! Julie

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