The accidental shopper

I freely admit that I love grocery shopping on Saturday nights. I am typically an early-to-bed, early-to-rise type of gal… I always have been, even before having kids who wake me up before the sun rises. However, when my kids are tucked in bed, I love to venture out in the dark, armed with my reusable shopping bags, itemized list and coupons to enjoy the sweet silence of the deserted grocery store.

This past Saturday was no exception. As the rest of town were getting tarted up to go out on the town or snuggled up to watch a movie, I was scouring the Food Basics flyer for the best deal. They had pasta, pasta sauce, and soup on sale for 88 cents each, so I thought I would not only stock up our pantry, but purchase my February quota of food bank donations as well.

While walking around the store, I went to pick up the flyer from the cart, and I noticed there was a $20 bill stuck in between the metal squares. It wasn’t mine, since I knew I didn’t have any cash with me, so some poor soul who had done their shopping much earlier had probably lost it… or perhaps it was another citizen trying to Pay it Forward?

In any case, I was able to use the very convenient bin at the store to immediate drop off a load of food and I stopped on the way home to get my husband (who had fallen down the stairs earlier that day and was feeling particularly sorry for himself) a Tim Horton’s Random Cup of Kindness. I still had a few dollars left from that $20, so my tweeps in the Twitterverse suggested I use the rest to leave in a vending machine for a surprise for the next person, or arrange for some hot cider for the ice skaters in downtown Springer Market Square. Both are super ideas, and for fun, I just might do both.

This week I received a $5 Tim Horton’s gift card for an online promotion from Help We’ve Got Kids. Dropped another Random Cup of Kindness to someone and had so much fun since he didn’t know who it was, that I should this could start to become a habit!


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