Resolution number 9… number 9… 9

With two children, I must admit that resolution number nine to donate 13 items to charity each month will not be too challenging. As the saying goes, kids grow like weeds, so it’s not too tough to gather gently used clothing items to donate.

The question for me is where do I drop off these items? Recently there have been donation boxes popping up in Kingston that are look like they are affiliated with a charitable organization, but are not. CBC covered this issue in Ontario in January 2012 and I have seen some local City councillors getting complaints over Twitter in the past few weeks.

Many of us choose to drop off items off at Value Village since they are open seven days a week and have friendly people to assist you. However, Value Village is a for-profit corporation that donates a portion of its profits to charity. I think they are a great store to score bargains with friendly staff, and it’s great that they do support charity, but I often choose to drop off my items to a thrift store run by a non-profit organization.If anyone can source the percentage of money Value Village donates to charity, that would be interesting, but one cannot fault a business for wanting to make a profit.

There are many choices in Kingston but my faves are the Salvation Army and Bibles for Missions. Their prices are really reasonable,  since I always end up picking up a few things while I am there.  Here is a pic of a garbage bag full of goodies we donated earlier this week – over 26 items, so two months worth!

Frugal tip: we dusted off our VCR and set it back up since Bibles for Missions sells VHS tapes at 2 for $1. My son was in heaven and now knows what ‘rewind’ and ‘fast forward means!


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2 Responses to Resolution number 9… number 9… 9

  1. Connie McCullough says:

    Julie, I have a ton of videos if you would like to borrow them that I am sure all of you would enjoy.

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