The lucky 13!

After some back and forth with family, we have come up with our To the Power of 13 goals for this year. The inspiration is to encourage physical, cultural or environmental participation in our community and to choose goals that will be challenging, but most importantly, fun! Two parents, two kids, two grandparents, and some friends and extended family are on board. Here is the list!

1) Once a month, donate $13 worth of food / money to a local food bank.
2) Over the year give the opportunity to 13 kids and a grown-up to see a live performance. Total investment would be approximately $208, which only works out to about $17 per month.
3) Perform 13 anonymous random acts of kindness throughout the year.
4) Run, walk or cycle a minimum of 1300 km over the course of the year.
5) Bring members of my family to at least 13 live performances.
6) Collect 169 toys to donate to the holiday toy drive in December. This is 13 toys per month and a lot of coupon clipping and flyer trolling!
7) Choose 13 books on my wish-to-read list and actually read them!
8) Lose 13 lbs. by the end of 2013.
9) Donate 13 gently used household or clothing items to charity each month.
10) Try to participate in 13 new activities throughout the year. Could be food from a different culture, a dance class, making a new friend, reading a book from a new author, etc.
11) Donate 169 items to Terracycle so those items can be turned into cool recycled products!

Updates to come with our progress. If you have any suggestions for the last two, please let me know!


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2 Responses to The lucky 13!

  1. Cathy Cathy says:

    AMAZING LOVE IT – MUST MUST MUST UPDATE ON ALL THE DETAILS! AND SHARE TO GET OTHERS TO DO THIS AND GET ON BOARD! NOT SHOUTING AT YOU JUST SO EXCITED AND IMPRESSED! Only one comment I would like to see more colour that reflects the personalities of your clearly awesome family and friends!

    • trombonebabe says:

      Hi Cathy, thank you! I am getting some WordPress training this week so I will be able to change the header, add more interactive multi-media and photos as well. Thanks for your kind words and Happy New Year.

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