A random cup of kindness

I follow a lot of top brands on social media, and as a marketer, it’s really interesting to observe some best practices and major oopsies. Transparency and honest interaction with the public are both key to strengthening a brand on Twitter and Facebook.

Tim Horton’s had a neat promotion on Twitter during the 2012 holiday season, Random Cups of Kindness. They gave Timmie’s gift cards to top bloggers who then gave them away and tweeted about the experience using the hashtag #randomcupofkindness. There were some great pics and posts, and when I tweeted @timhortons to tell them that my neighbour across the street was having a tough holiday due to surgery coming up in the new year, they sent me a $5 gift card. So, I was able to sneak over and put the gift card in their mailbox. It was simple and easy, but hopefully my neighbour was surprised and happy to get a double double or two for free next time.

With a little help from Tim Horton’s, my random act of kindness for January has been accomplished!

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One Response to A random cup of kindness

  1. Deirdre says:

    Great start Julie!

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